Eyed pumpkin

Halloween decor

model summary

? difficulty ? ⚪️ ⚪️ ⚪️ ⚪️
⏳ build time ~ 3 hrs of fun
?️ print 9 sheets
? parts 24 pcs
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Thinking about Halloween decoration ?  for your home? Do you wish to have a pumpkin decoration like no others have?
How about try DIY papercraft and create everlasting pumpkin for this, but also next seasons? Push your creativity to a whole new level! ?

This is the paper model of Eyed pumpkin ?️  ?  you can print out and build yourself.
This model is easy, straightforward, and suitable for beginners.

It’s a minimalistic low-poly (polygonal) geometry and will shine on any place at your home, apartment, office, desk, shelves, shop window, restaurant, or anywhere else…

?  Customize the eye color with any colored paper or aquarelle and paintbrush!  Make it unique and totally yours… ❤️

You will get both templates so you can choose which style you prefer or build both of them. ?


↕︎height22 cm8.7″ in
width20 cm8″ in
depth20 cm8″ in


? 6 pages of illustrated instructions with tips and trick for beginners
? 9 A4/US letter sheets in weight 160–200 g/m²
1 of white for an eye
1 of blue or green for an eye
1 of green shade for stalk
1 of yellow pumpkin cuts
5 of orange for pumpkin body
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