Opuntia cactus

in flowerpot

model summary

📐 difficulty 🔴 🔴 ⚪️ ⚪️ ⚪️
⏳ build time ~ 3 hrs of fun
🖨️ print 3–7 sheets
🧩 parts 14–24 pcs

Price € 6

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The Paper model of Opuntia cactus 🌵 in flower pot with stone.

It’s a minimalistic low-poly (polygonal) geometry and will shine on any place in your apartment, office, shop, restaurant, shop window, or coffee house.

It’s a perfect solution for places, where real plants can’t exist. Like rooms without windows 🌚 or space without appropriate conditions 💦.


🖌️ The flower pot comes with optional strip and you can colorize both pot and strip in any combination you wish. Which one will you choose?

💡 You can also decorate the pot with many other ways like draw it with pencils, markers or glue particles, etc.

⛰️ You can choose if you wish to include the stone too and his position.

Last but not least: This model is magnets–ready 🧲 (optional) and the instructions will guide you on how to use them if you wish. I recommend 2–5 pcs in this model. Column shape with a 5 mm diameter will fit perfectly.

☝️ All plants and flower pots from my production are compatible. So the magnets will provide you a playful diversity so you can swap individual plants between pots whenever you like.


↕︎height19 cm7.5″ in
width11 cm4.3″ in
depth9 cm3.5″ in


📖 7 pages of illustrated instructions with tips and trick for beginners
📄 3–7 A4/US letter sheets in weight 160–200 g/m²
1 of any color you like for flower pot
1 of brown for soil
1 of green shade for cactus
1 of yellow shade for blooms
1 of orange shade for blooms
1 of gray for stone
1 of any color you like for a flower pot strip
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