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model summary

📐 difficulty 🔴 🔴 ⚪️ ⚪️ ⚪️
⏳ build time ~ 3 hrs of fun
🖨️ print 4/6 sheets
🧩 parts 14 pcs
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Paper model of swan 🦢.
It’s a minimalistic low-poly geometry and will shine on any place in your apartment.

Swan is a symbol of love ❤️. And also, if you build two of them and put them close to each other by heads, their necks creates a heart shape.

Quick tip: Did you know, if one swan in pair dies, the the second who survives will stay alone till end of its life? How romantic is that?!.


⟷length31 cm12,2″ in
↕︎height25 cm9,8″ in
⤢width9,5 cm3,7″ in
⟷length31 cm12,2″ in
↕︎height25 cm9,8″ in
⤢width9,5 cm3,7″ in


📖 5 pages of illustrated instructions with tips and trick for beginners
📄 A4/US letter sheets in weight
  • 120–160 g/m² (S size)
  • 160–200 g/m² (M size)
2 or 4 (S/M size) of white/brown/gray
1 of orange
1 of black